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At XPedia Laboratories, we provide consultation to better understand our customers / partners needs via online and / or face-to-face and provide the best solution to suit their budget. Whatever the budget would be, at Xpedia we have the expertise to customize all requirements and deliver the best solution.


Here are some of our XPedia Laboratories products with (A.I.) technology.



WIX Website Design


Do you know that more than 75% of the global mobile users prefer to use their mobile devices to browse Internet? 


What if your website is not mobile friendly? Did you realize that the moment when your client looks at your website in their mobile device and it is not adaptive, chances of losing their interest in your services or products are less to none. Especially if your website is eCommerce.


At XPedia Laboratories, we have the solution for you. If you want to transform your website to A.I mobile friendly version, just contact us. We'll plug-in the engine into your existing website.



Xpedia Cloud Email


Cloud Based eMail with Mobile sync, shared Calendaring, Invites and Tasks.


Our Google Cloud Email is a feature-rich, reliable and secure email solution that has enterprise-level features at a price that businesses of any size will find irresistible.


Access email, calendars, contacts and tasks from your email clients, web browser, tablets and phone in the office, on the road or at home with Google Cloud Email's rich webmail interface.



Xpedia eLearning LMS


We call it the XpediaLMS. The fastest path to awesome learning


A super-easy, cloud LMS to train your students, employees, partners or customers.


Comes with super features including creating: Quizzes, Surveys, Assessments, Assignments,Scores sheets, Reports, AutoCert Generator


This service comes with White Labeled solution

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Xpedia eBook Conversion


With the explosion of the digital devices, people prefer to do their reading right on their palm. And the challenge to publishers and book distributers is that gradually the demand towards buying printed book will less and most importantly reader will not be given the best.


At XPedia Laboratories, worry no more. Be it a single book or an article or a write-up, we can do the job for you. With our very own e-conversion formula, we can convert multi-language manuscripts into an interactive flip-ebook that can be read in apple, android and many other ebook supported mobile and tablet devices.

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Lead Generation


Maid Selection




Xpedia QR Matric Code


We call it the Dynamic QR Matrix Code. The fastest way to reaching to your clients and also capture your customer information. Yes! you read it right! We're the only company that have the QR technology to capture leads for you. Scan the QR Code below to view a sample Lead Generation Dynamic QR Code.


Who Uses Our QR Technology?

Agencies & Publishers, Brands, Businesses, Local Businesses, Individuals, Non-Profits, Polital Campaigns, Real Estate Agents/Firms, Sports Teams, Maid Agencies, Beauty Parlour.


How could you use our Qr Technology?

Android & iPhone Apps, Business Cards, Near Field Communication Marketing, In-Store Display, Product Packaging, Mobile Lead Capture, Posters & Flyers, On your website.



Xpedia Branding Support


Do you know that your brand is the way your customer perceives you? Yes! if 


According to strategynewmedia.com, it explains how and why small startups or companies did give importance to thinking about their brand that will greatly impact on their business growth and beliefs. - See more at: Strategymedia.com


At XPedia Laboratories, we do what is best to make sure you're noticed and that you're believed to be a genuine in what you do in the eyes of every customer. 



Xpedia I.T. Consultation


Centralized IT Solution for every office. At Xpedia Laboratories we provide complete IT consultation. Some consultation services include but not limited to:


- Enterprise Network Architecture

- Server Room setup

- Business eMail Solutions

- Centralized Server Configuration

- Load Balancing Solutions

- Firewall & Security Solutions

- Centralized Anti Virus Solutions

- Complete Access Rights configuration

- Dedicated IT Engineer placement


See how your app is performing and monitor its usage from your own Dashboard.

Who else uses PWA today

Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Smashing Magazine, Financial Times, Forbes, Lancome, Pinterest, Debenhams and more



PWA Mobile App


Xpedia PWA app shell, giving you the best of both worlds! You get all the potential of a custom designed mobile website, plus the benefits of an app, including::


Direct Access

Unlike traditional applications, PWA are a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application

3rd Party In App integration

Access to other 3rd party integrated application to access the features you need from your app shell such as:

  • eBooks, Videos​ & Push Notifications

  • eCommerce

  • Payment Gateways and more

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eLearning Services


We work with your company to create high quality, innovative digital training content to engage your trainers and excite your students. To ensure you can effectively deliver your programmes and manage users we provide complete online learning solutions to support their learning journey and reduce your training costs.


Whether you are an existing training provider or a commercial organisation with ongoing training needs, we can design, develop, customise and present a complete solution from start to end.

We CHOOSE and MIX the BEST hosting solutions for your business! Being backed and built by reliable companies like Google and Amazon means that users get seamless performance, quick updates and frequent new releases of features. With their long-term support can only signal that their technologies stay on for the long haul and will continue to grow and evolve at a fast and consistent pace along with the rate of state-of-the-art technologies.

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