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Restaurant Management System

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Managing Your Restaurant / Catering Business Online. A leading Automated RMS solution for your F&B business

Take advantage of our Restaurant Management System (RMS) features to keep your restaurant business strong through the effects of COVID-19. Our RMS is an all-in-one, easy to use an automated system which allows you to, take online orders, reservations, and receive payments in a jiffy!

A super-easy to use, cloud RMS to manage your restaurant 

Standard Package

✅ Banner Video *

✅ Banner Photoshoot *

✅ Dish Photoshoot *

✅ Branding

✅ Call-In Order Feature *

✅ Food Labels eg, spicy, vegan

✅ Menu Display with dish photos

✅ Menu Categories

✅ Get listed in Google

✅ Optimise for SEO

✅ Social Share Image for Social Media

✅ Email Marketing Engine included

✅ Web Domain *

✅ Business Email *

✅ Google Server Hosting

✅ Custom logo *

* Optional

Add-On modules based on your business requirements

Food Ordering Module

Food Ordering Engine for Delivery

  • On / Off Switch: Customers order online

  • Automated switch-on option for online ordering engine in an hour

  • Manual switch-on option for  online ordering engine

  • Automated Restaurant closure message e.g We are closed for the day and will be back tomorrow with our famous noodle.

  • Option to allow your customers to future order their food in advance

  • Delivery with geo setting

Food Pickup Engine

  • Let your customers know where to pick up their food from your restaurant.

  • Customer to indicate that they will come and pick up their food after they have placed their order at check out e.g 30 minutes after they have placed an order.

  • The restaurant can set their operating hours for service

  • Option to allow your customers to future order their food in advance

This module comes with ...

  • Comes with Order Notification and Fulfillment Management System via Administrator Web App or Mobile App: 

    • New Orders, In Progress, All Orders, Export Order List, Analytics, Fulfil Order, Reject Order and accept an order.

  • Express Checkout Option for repeat customers. They can securely save their details for faster checkout, view their favourite dishes, and use their order history to re-submit past orders.

  • Optional for customers to give tips

Restaurant Reservation Module

Reservation Engine

  • On / Off Switch: Customers can make reservations online

  • Number of dinners with PAX restrictions due to COVID

  • Reservation Advanced notice with timing e.g 1 hour ahead of time

  • Hold Reservation Grace Period up e.g up to 15 minutes. 

  • Reservation availability option

Restaurant Call-In Module

Phone Ordering lets you place orders and manage them for pick-up and delivery directly from the RMS dashboard for easy tracking and administration of the orders.

Payment Gateway Support

  • Credit/Debit Cards with Stripe engine

    • No setup fees

    • Funds are deposited in your account in 2-7 days

    • From 3.4% + 50¢ per transaction.

  • Paypal Engine (Recommended)

    • No monthly or setup fees

    • Accept PayPal, credit and debit cards

    • From 2.9% + 50¢ transaction fee

  • AliPay with Stripe Engine

    • No setup fees

    • Funds are deposited in your account in 2-7 days

    • From 2.2% + 35¢ per transaction.

  • WeChat Pay with Oceanpayment Engine

    • Fees may vary depending on the country

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