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We eat websites for lunch

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Xpedia is recognised as WIX Pioneer Partner for Year 2020

✅ We Build Your Website

✅ We Build Your Online Store

✅ We Maintain Your Websites

Work with Xpedia for all your website designs needs. And here is why:

✅ Singapore based Company

✅ MAS approved Merchant

✅ Free unlimited updates

✅ Get unique .SG Domain

✅ Get a business eMail

✅ Google Hosted Servers

✅ Facebook Pixel Setup

✅ Google Analytics Setup

✅ SEO Setup

✅ Custom logo

✅ Image Editing

✅ Brand Development

We get your website done within your budget and have it ready within a week.

Why did we switch from Wordpress, Dreamweaver to WIX?

As a professional web development organisation, we want to be the best in the industry. Since 1996, we have explored and used several web development tools and technologies for our customers. In our years of experience, we realise that the team's most challenging work involves working with third-party system integration and managing version control. Customers do not understand the after-effects nor the time and reinvestment needed to fix these issues resulting in having a poorly developed website for their organisation.


With the introduction of cloud computing technologies and artificial intelligence solved many of these issues. Wix being the pioneer mover in the new adaptation of such technologies, the company managed to develop well-integrated robust systems that seamlessly interact with multiple technologies, resulting in good user experience. Here are some reasons why we choose WIX over other technologies:

✅ 180 Million Users

✅ 4000+ Employees (2021)

✅ 99.8% Uptime

✅ Google Integrated

✅ Uses Adoptive Technology

✅ WIX build Integrated Systems

✅ Secured by SSL and HTTPS

✅ Public Listed Company : NASDAQ

✅ 1 Billion in Revenue (2019)

WIX is the best website builder over other platforms

  1. Wix

  2. Squarespace

  3. Weebly

  4. Duda

  5. GoDaddy

  6. WordPress

  7. Shopify

  8. BigCommerce

Source: CNET

3rd Jan 2021


So Why wait? Just share your requirements and we'll take care of it. It's that Simple!

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