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<XML> eBook Technology

Convert your books that can be seamlessly used in any smart device.


Tap into the new digital market by digitising your printed materials or contents with our Xpedia eBooks.

Our aim to help organisations and institutions to meet the demands of the digital natives by bringing contents to their hands with the 21st Century learning pedagogy approach.

Supported features

✅ Use your finger to flip the eBook magically.

✅ Experience the richness of the content

✅ Adjust the font size when needed.

✅ Auto adjustments of page numbers.

✅ Choose your preferred font style !

✅ Adjust the brightness to the comfort of your eyes.

✅ Use the search tool to instantly retrieve your request.

✅ Get the meaning of that word instantly.

✅ Highlight those important points!

✅ Tap on the highlighted word and add a Note!

✅ Insert a bookmark when you’re done with your reading.

Our Development Approach

✅ Every files are individually manually edited/coded using an XML editor to maintain accuracy of the original manuscript. with the XML coding it is guaranteed that the ebook can be read in any devices listed below:

  • All Android Mobile Phones and Tablets

  • Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad Devices

  • Blackberry Devices

  • Windows Mobile Devices

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